Gwenneth Barth-White

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International Guest Tutor

American-born Swiss international artist Gwenneth Barth-White is a Maître Pastelliste and Vice-President of the 150-year-old Société des Pastellistes de France; she's a Master Pastelist of the Pastel Society of America, a member of the IAPS Master Circle. Her work has been exhibited in Geneva, Gstaad, New York, Toronto, Paris, and in many French and American venues.

Rita Kirkman

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International Guest Tutor

Rita Kirkman received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1988. Her work has been featured in the Pastel Journal and the Pratique des Arts Spécial Pastel, and published in many others. Rita is a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America and a recipient of the Master Circle Award from the International Association of Pastel Societies. Her portraits and paintings are in private collections all over the world, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Africa and Australia.


Julie and Michael Freeman

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International Guest Tutors

Julie is a Master Pastelist (MPANZ), is in the Master Circle of IAPS and is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA). Michael is in the Master Circle of IAPS, is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA) and has a Master of Fine Arts degree. Between them they have over 40 years of teaching experience.

Lyn Diefenbach

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Lyn is a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia and was awarded Eminent Pastellist status in the International Association of Pastel Societies in 2019. Lyn was accepted into the Pastel Society of America as a Signature Member in 2016. She has been featured numerous times in the International Artist, Pastel Journal and Australian Artist magazines.

Pauline Adair

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Pauline was born in New Zealand, and moved to Sydney - then to Queensland. She painted and exhibited landscapes and figurative works in many art shows and galleries, until she finally found her niche, and her passion ... painting people. Pauline has written and contributed articles to several artists’ forums and creative sites on the World Wide Web. She mentors student artists from all over the world and has collectors for her paintings in Italy, France, England, Ireland, America, Russia, Finland, Germany, Holland, Cyprus, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

Christopher Blake



Chris's style could be best described as a contemporary impressionist approach to landscape painting in which tone, colour and texture are emphasized. His work is easily recognized for its vibrant colours, interplay of lights and darks, his quirky figures and his unique choice of subjects. Over the years Chris has achieved numerous art awards and recognition among fellow artists, including the Farrow Award for Artistic Excellence at Maleny Art Awards in 2003, being short listed for the Kenilworth art prize two years running in 2010 and 2011, winning 1st prize in the Pastel Society of Australia winter exhibition in 2011 and 1st in the scape awards in 2014 and 2015.

Joanne Barby

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Artist Joanne Barby is a mother to three children, currently living and working on the South Coast of New South Wales in Australia. Joanne's artwork has been exhibited in many group shows, galleries and private collections all over the world. She has also placed well in many competitions; including best artwork in the “Flora or Fauna” category and also the overall “People’s Choice Award” at a National Pastel exhibition. "PanPastel has changed my life and I’m not just saying that!  It is a perfect fit for the way I see the world and how I apply color to paper, plus it has literally opened up a world of possibilities to me!”

Christine Clark

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Chris has always had a creative passion for drawing and painting and has been exhibiting and selling her work professionally for over 35 years. Originally from Melbourne, now living on the Sunshine Coast for the past 27 years with her family, she has been inspired by a variety of subjects, Figures, Portraits, Seascapes, Flowers and Animals. Chris has won over 40 awards and was awarded Master Pastellist in 2007 by Pastel Society of Australia Inc

Louise Corke

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For Louise the making of art is a direct emotional response to her experiences.  She has found her voice and Louise expresses herself through her artwork as if she were a dancer on a stage. Louise has won over 50 awards both nationally and internationally and was Awarded Master Pastellist Status Pastel Society of Australia Inc. March 2004.

Penelope Gilbert Ng

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My teaching has been a wonderful source of learning as I have learned so much from my students. I first played with pastels over 40 years ago but seriously concentrated on using them for the past 29 years. I have found the speed of using pastel so wonderful when working with a model on a weekly basis as I love the individual skin colours of each model and how the light affects that colour.

Janet Hayes

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Janet Hayes has had eight solo exhibitions in Australia and her artworks have been published in magazines and books both nationally and internationally. Janet was a founding member and first Vice President of the Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia. She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and an honourary member of both the PVSA and the Societe des Pastellistes de France.

Lyn Henry

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For Lyn, abstract expressionism has made her a technically stronger artist, and gives her freedom to explore the ‘what if’ of pushing ideas through texture, the layering of colour, and having fun! She is Vice President of PANZ, lives in the beautiful south of New Zealand, and tutors and mentors pastellists in the southern region. She is delighted to share her ideas at Expo!

Gwendolin Lewis



Gwendolin Lewis has studied Fine Art at Newcastle University and has been continuously painting for the last 17 years. She is well known through art circles in Australia and Internationally, Gwendolin works in her private studio near Newcastle and also teaches classes and workshops.


Alex Louisa



Brisbane-based Alex Louisa graduated with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing, before the need to create firmly pulled her attention back to her art. Having worked as a graphic artist for eight years, she now focuses solely on her personal work.

Alex has been exhibiting within Australia since 2007, and internationally since 2012. Endlessly inspired by nature, she loves to pair highly detailed subjects next to unexpected backgrounds, such as splashy abstracts, experimental textures, crisp geometric patterns, or the sheer beauty of untouched woodgrain. Often experimenting with mixed media, Alex mainly works with oils, acrylic, PanPastel and charcoal, currently with a shift towards larger works. She focuses on elements of the natural world that grab her attention - by discovering the intricacies of a leaf or flower, or by trying to capture an animal's individual personality, especially those of the avian kind.

Lyn Mellady

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Painting has been a lifelong constant for Lyn, whose artwork ran alongside her teaching until it evolved to become her career. With five works in Government city collections in Australia and Japan, and many Best in Show, Best Oil and Best Pastel awards, Lyn paints the untamed inland, rivers, portraits or the coastal edge in pastel or oil. Her landscapes and portraits have been shown in Australia’s Regional Galleries.

Karol Oakley



A sought-after International Artist and Tutor, and plein-air devotee; Karol generously shares what she knows and loves about pastel painting. Her workshops are skill focused, informative, while aiming to build confidence. A Master Pastellist of the Pastel Society of Australia Inc. and the Pastellist of the Year 2014; Karol has over 20 years teaching experience and works on the premise there is always more to learn.

Grace Paleg

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Grace specializes in the medium of pastel. She studied Graphic Design at Swinburne in Melbourne for two years and life drawing and portraiture at East Sydney Tech. Grace began exhibiting in 1990 and joined the Victorian Pastel Society in 1993. She is also a member of the Australian Pastel Society, the Australian Guild of Realists Artists, and member and past President of the South Coast Pastel Society.

Tricia Reust

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Tricia Reust is a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia and has become adept in recycling old pastel works. The excitement of producing completely new surfaces for pastel  from old paintings never ceases to thrill, and with our poor old world needing more than ever a reduction in waste, the techniques and methods to successfully achieve this deserve to be proclaimed!

Tricia Taylor

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Based in Sydney, Tricia Taylor is a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia and has won many awards including Pastellist of the Year 2010. Tricia’s work has been published in a variety of national art magazines including Australian Artist, Art Edit and Paint and Draw Magazine UK. Teaching from beginners to advanced students for many years Tricia her workshops are in demand in Australia and internationally including Fiji, New Zealand and the USA.

Maxine Thompson

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New Zealand born artist and tutor, Maxine Thompson is recognised for depicting people and animals in life-like pictures. She has been named as a Master Pastellist by the Pastel Society of Australia and also by PANZ Pastel Artists of NZ.

Anne Yang

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Anne Yang was introduced to the medium of soft pastels in 1998. This led to a life-long love affair with this wonderfully adaptive medium. Anne’s pastel paintings have won awards from the very start of her foray into fine art, and in 2014 Anne was awarded Master Pastellist Status with the Pastel Society of Australia.