Brisbane-based Alex Louisa graduated with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing, before the need to create firmly pulled her attention back to her art. Having worked as a graphic artist for eight years, she now focuses solely on her personal work. Alex has been exhibiting within Australia since 2007, and internationally since 2012. Endlessly inspired by nature, she loves to pair highly detailed subjects next to unexpected backgrounds, such as splashy abstracts, experimental textures, crisp geometric patterns, or the sheer beauty of untouched woodgrain.  Often experimenting with mixed media, Alex mainly works with oils, acrylic, PanPastel and charcoal, currently with a shift towards larger works. She focuses on elements of the natural world that grab her attention - by discovering the intricacies of a leaf or flower, or by trying to capture an animal's individual personality, especially those of the avian kind.

"I am a collector. I have a huge box of items that have been gathered through my wanderings - feathers, leaves, seedpods, lichen, shells, insect specimens and bones - and I look forward to drawing and painting them all. By sharing the natural elements that captivate me the most, I hope to encourage everyone to take a closer look at their surroundings - whether it be a bird on a branch above their head, or the dried leaves beneath their feet - and to find the intricate details that may have previously evaded their eyes. With my still life work I spend quite some time arranging these objects into a delicate, harmonious composition, especially in such a way that they cast interesting shadows, before the painting or drawing process even begins."

Where to find Alex...

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 PanPastel Tips and Tricks


Alex Louisa uses PanPastel Colors both for the underpainting, and for the finished layers, of her beautiful bird, botanical, landscape and still life paintings.


Alex will demonstrate how versatile the PanPastel Colors & Sofft Tools are, from how easily they block in large areas to how they can be used for fine detail work as well.


She will demonstrate how to layer, blend and glaze the colours, as well as how to use subtractive techniques.