“The challenge to represent beauty both intuitively, truthfully and with emotion is my goal as an artist. Each new painting is an adventure, and it’s the excitement of experimentation and discovery that makes me create. I really enjoy sharing the creative process with my students.”

Anne Yang was introduced to the medium of soft pastels in 1998. This led to a life-long love affair with this wonderfully adaptive medium. Anne’s pastel paintings have won awards from the very start of her foray into fine art, and in 2014 Anne was awarded Master Pastellist Status with the Pastel Society of Australia.  Anne relishes the versatility and power of expression of soft pastel in her powerful portrayal of various genre, including the scapes of land, sea and lake; intimate still life and floral, and portraiture.

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anne yang flowers.JPG

Painting the Luminous Floral Portrait


Student Experience Level: All Students

Anne will demonstrate how to use layering and glazing techniques to achieve subtle blending of tone and colour, and will explain the effects of direct light, and reflected light temperatures on the flower’s surface.


She will also demonstrate how these effects will bring a beautiful luminous glow to a painting of Rhododendron flowers.

*information subject to change*

anne yang red.JPG

The Tactile Still Life, Creating the Illusion of Textured Surfaces


Student Experience Level: All Students

 Anne will demonstrate how pastel can be applied to the paper surface to create the illusion of reality in painting objects with a variety of surfaces and textures, from smooth and shiny, to soft and fuzzy, to hard and rough, to create variety and contrast in the painting.

*information subject to change*

Anne Yang Flinder's Ranges.jpg

Creating Depth in the Landscape


Student Experience Level: Beginners with some experience preferred 

In this one-day workshop Anne will explain how to create the illusion of depth and aerial perspective in the landscape, and how atmosphere and distance change colour, tone, line and edge of objects in the landscape. The effects of linear perspective will also be covered. Anne will demonstrate how to divide the landscape into foreground, midground and background, and how to select the pastels to use according to their position in space.

This will be a paint-along workshop, where Anne will demonstrate painting a landscape. She will do this in a series of steps for her students to follow along. We will do some colour exercises before working on the painting. Anne will supply a photograph for each student to work from.

*information subject to change*