Chris has always had a creative passion for drawing and painting and has been exhibiting and selling her work professionally for over 35 years. Originally from Melbourne, now living on the Sunshine Coast for the past 27 years with her family, she has been inspired by a variety of subjects, Figures, Portraits, Seascapes, Flowers and Animals. Chris has painted in various mediums, but regards pastel, oil and charcoal as her favourites, loving the soft luscious strokes, texture and vibrant colours.  Chris delights in capturing precious moments in everyday life, they tell a story, appealing to a wide audience and hence her work is very popular.

Multi award-winning artist Chris is represented in many private and corporate collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, England, and Japan as well as being in the collection of our Ex Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, John Anderson.  Chris has won over 40 awards and was awarded Master Pastellist in 2007 by Pastel Society of Australia Inc.

Christine Clark is a professional artist and sought- after Tutor adept at helping students develop their own individual style and guides each student in reaching their potential, in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Information about Christine Clarke's upcoming expo workshops and demonstrations coming soon!

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Old Beekeeper - Chris Clark demo TD1MM.J

Old Bee Keeper -Interpreting Light with Tone/Colour


I love creating strong light in paintings. Learn how tonal value and colour can create the illusion of three dimensions, making objects and space visually recede, giving distinctive mood and impact.

'Playtime at the Pond'.jpg

Precious Childhood Moments


Children are a delightful subject to paint.  I always love drawing and painting little children. The littlies clothes are generally too big for them and they have the cutest poses.  Narrative paintings or photo’s that tell a story are my favourite. I delight in teaching students how to achieve the sweet innocence of a young child by getting the gesture and the pose correct, which is of primary importance.  Students love this workshop and walk away with a timeless  keepsake.

King of the Jungle - Chris Clark - XD1MM

King of the Jungle - Mastering Warm & Cool Colour


Showing the use of warm and cool colours to give space and depth to a painting. This is a balancing act of push and pull of warm and cool colours creating a dance among the pastels.

Deli Market in Slovakia Chris Clark SD1A

Deli Market in Slovakia - Loosen up 


I love Impressionism and I think many students do too but they are unsure how to go about loosening up.  Teaching students to simplify and knowing what is important to keep in and what can be left out.  The less is more theory.  Plus teaching the loose mark making of impressionism.