Chris has always had a creative passion for drawing and painting and has been exhibiting and selling her work professionally for over 35 years. Originally from Melbourne, now living on the Sunshine Coast for the past 27 years with her family, she has been inspired by a variety of subjects, Figures, Portraits, Seascapes, Flowers and Animals. Chris has painted in various mediums, but regards pastel, oil and charcoal as her favourites, loving the soft luscious strokes, texture and vibrant colours.  Chris delights in capturing precious moments in everyday life, they tell a story, appealing to a wide audience and hence her work is very popular.

Multi award-winning artist Chris is represented in many private and corporate collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, England, and Japan as well as being in the collection of our Ex Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, John Anderson.  Chris has won over 40 awards and was awarded Master Pastellist in 2007 by Pastel Society of Australia Inc.

Christine Clark is a professional artist and sought- after Tutor adept at helping students develop their own individual style and guides each student in reaching their potential, in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Information about Christine Clarke's upcoming expo workshops and demonstrations coming soon!

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Painting your Dog - Pastel & Charcoal

Each animal has unique characteristics that artists try to capture. Tonal Values and the importance of light.


Through Observation and Simplifying the shapes you see, into Circles - Ovals - Triangles -Box shapes etc. Create expressive shapes with narrative movements for Eyes, Ears,  Nose,

 & Mouth, these can contribute to the identity of your own particular animal.

Texture: Working on fur - ranges from sleek fur or even a wooly characteristic

Colours used in pastel for recreating the texture of the fur with layering and

 line. All of these characteristics makes drawing animals an enjoyable challenge.

*information subject to change*

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Fabulous Figures in the Environment

Experience Level: All Students

This workshop is learning how to draw & paint clothed figures in motion in the environment. Putting figures in your paintings adds a feeling of reality and give movement and scale to your 

composition. Beginning with fun quick sketches of figures on the  beach and in the landscape, using Pencil, Charcoal & Pastel.


  1. Where to begin?

  2. Using a plumb line to get an accurate stance.

  3. Learning through observation to simplify and to draw shapes 

  4. Study Tone and direction of Light

  5. Focusing on body proportion, pose, movement, gestures, attitude and balance. 

  6. Working with Warm & Cool pastel colours.

  7. Colours to use for skin tones, hair & fabric


Students will achieve the confidence to place figures in their own  paintings with an accurate representation. They should walk away with 2 small pastel paintings and several small sketches they have done themselves and can use for reference for future figurative works.

Materials list

*information subject to change*