Chris's style could be best described as a contemporary impressionist approach to landscape painting in which tone, colour and texture are emphasized. His work is easily recognized for its vibrant colours, interplay of lights and darks, his quirky figures and his unique choice of subjects. While his favorite subjects include outback landscapes, boats,and figures in interesting town contexts, he has an eclectic range of subject matter that it is difficult to pin him down to one genre. But whatever he does, it is usually exciting and dramatic . Chris believes that through art we can learn to see, and when we have learnt that, there is a whole new world of understanding of beauty that is opened up to us. Chris is also a dynamic tutor and demonstrator, giving speedy and informative demonstrations of technique, while at the same time adding spice with interesting,humors stories and anecdotes .He ensures that his students learn as much as they can while still having fun.

Over the years Chris has achieved numerous art awards and recognition among fellow artists, including the Farrow Award for Artistic Excellence at Maleny Art Awards in 2003, being short listed for the Kenilworth art prize two years running in 2010 and 2011, winning 1st prize in the Pastel Society of Australia winter exhibition in 2011 and 1st in the scape awards in 2014 and 2015. Chris has travelled extensively over the last couple of years, teaching workshops in 5 states as well as overseas. His workshops are always infused with humour, warmth and considerable enthusiasm. 

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Boats and Figures


Student Experience Level: Some Experience

There is always some magical connection between man and boats . From the biblical story of Noah to majestic Galleons and the dirty tramp steamers of the 1900s  boats have ruled the way we live and play. So it is not surprising that as artists we are drawn to the desire to  paint boats. This demo is to introduce you to  some of the many forms that these fascinating subjects are presented to us. I will use some very simple shapes to build on, to what to some maybe a very complex subject, by learning to understand the simple basic structure of a boat we will take away any fear that we may have had, and there for be able to draw it. In my allotted time I will try to demonstrate a few different types of boats, many will be at rest on the mud at low tide. Seen stranded out of its environment, giving us that moment in time to understand its shape and form. Using the same formula of simple shapes I will also demonstrate how to add figures to the composition   

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Plein Air Session


Explore a scene with Chris for a afternoon half-day plein air session.

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Australian Street Scenes


Skill Level: Some Experience
This demo is based around a historic Australian townscape. I will at first talk about the subject composition, tonal values, perspective etc and demonstrate this on a whiteboard, starting my
painting by first transferring my drawing

in the board to a light colored colourfix paper. Using broad strokes of pastel I will fill in with local colour. After that I will dissolve with a liquid alcohol to give
when dry a sound base to lay my pastels into. Now using soft diagonal strokes. I will finish the painting, making sure that some of the initial base colour
is still there. Using this method you will learn another way to quickly get a painting down for either a plein-air study or for a more advanced work on a full sheet

Chris Blake boats.JPG

Fishing Boats and Yachts


Student Experience Level: Some Experience

As my demonstration on painting boats I will first give a quick demo on how to interpret your picture to a simple sketch by transforming the subject into very simple shapes. The lesson here of course is in recognizing these. This will
be done on my whiteboard . I will pick on a few different pictures for the demonstration before starting on my own subject. At all times I will
encourage questions on any aspect of boat and yacht drawing as it this case a good drawing is going to be important if we are to make our painting believable Different to my towns cape demo I will be doing my painting on darker paper aubergine or black and concentrating on
the design. First laying in some thin light local colour and building up to more positive strokes later. Please note as there is a lot for me to impart I will handle my actual painting demo in stages so that you will be able to keep up with me, and I will try not to get too farahead of you.

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