General use items

The following items will be provided for you to use free of charge at the Australian Pastel Expo:

  • Indoor tables and chairs.

  • Floor and table coverings - these will be pre-prepared in each workroom and refreshed as needed.

  • Dust collectors - bring your own jar if you wish to keep the dust.

  • A limited number of padded backing boards of various sizes for daily use - these are being loaned by our members, but we will also make some and they can be purchased after EXPO.

  • A limited number of easels of all sorts - because these are loaned by our members, they are for travelling attendees. Please email us if you require one.

  • Paper towels and baby wipes (if necessary), fresh water but not containers.

  • Foam trays for your working pastels

  • Gladwrap

  • Spotlights where necessary, extension cords and hairdryers


Source material

Please ensure your source material is copyright free or use your own images.


Available for purchase or bring your own

All items listed will be available for purchase at our trade show, or you can pre-order products listed at Expo promotional prices from Oxlades and Pre-orders will be available for collection from the registration session on Wednesday 9 September 2020 at the Caloundra Event Centre.

  • Various papers and boards in all the recommended colours and brands, with many more to browse and stock up on.

  • Visual diaries in several sizes and notebooks  

  • Graphite pencils, sharpeners and craft knives.

    • A ‘lolly shop’ of pastels in sets or some singles, including soft pastels, pastel pencils and hard pastels. All recommended brands will be available and many more to explore!

    • Inks, watercolours, palettes, canvases, palette knives, gesso and primers and fixatives.

    • Aprons.

    • Paint brushes and water containers.

    • Embossing tools

    • Transfer paper - black.

    • Glasseine paper for covering pastel works

    • Pre-cut matt boards

    • Krystal bags for carrying pastel works

    • Tapes, clips, kneadable erasers and soffit products, accessories of all sorts.

    • Plastic gloves and hand creams.

    • Colour wheels

    • Viewfinders

    • Brown wrapping paper, bubble wrap and other packaging items.

Contact Stephen on 02 4957 1050 or email and use the Expo Promo code when ordering.


Contact Pam on 07 3348 8180 or and use the Expo Promo code when ordering.


Specific Workshop Materials Lists

Gwenneth Barth-White
Rita Kirkman
Julie & Michael Freeman
Lyn Diefenbach
Pauline Adair
Chris Blake
Joanne Barby
Christine Clark
Louise Corke
Penelope Gilbert-Ng
Janet Hayes
Lyn Henry
Gwendolin Lewis
Lyn Mellady
Karol Oakley
Grace Paleg
Tricia Taylor
Tricia Reust
Maxine Thompson
Anne Yang

Soft Pastels vs Hard Pastels

Pastel painting takes you back to the origins of colour. Lying somewhere between sketching and painting, pastels encompass the best of both. Pure enjoyment resulting in beautiful art works.


A Guide to Softness

Soft Pastels vary in their degree of softness and we are often asked about this. The list below is arranged from softest to hardest and is based on our experience.

Ultra Soft Pastels

Very Soft Pastels

Creamy Soft Pastels

Medium Soft Pastels

Hard Pastels

Pan Pastels
United States, 92 Colours


Germany, 400 Colours

Blue Earth
United States, 336 Colours

Art Spectrum Extra Soft
Australia, 180 Colours

France, 525 Colours


Terry Ludwig
United States, Selected Sets

England, 402 Colours

Townsend Soft Form
United States, 408 Colours

Townsend Terrages
United States, 190 Colours

France, 300 Colours


Holland, 218 Colours

Art Spectrum
Australia, 154 Colours

Japan, 144 Colours

Mt Vision

United States

United States, 96 Colours

United States, Selected Colours

France/China, 48 Colours



  • Colourfix is a sanded type paper with two main grades which are Origianl and Smooth.  It is available in 20 colours in sheets (50x70cm, A3, oversize A4) and pads.

  • Original is a Medium tooth paper and the most popular.  Fixative is optional.  Suitable for underpainting.

  • Smooth is a very fine tooth paper.  Fixative advisable if heavy layering is used.  Suitable for underpainting.

Colourfix Optimum Boards

  • The Optimum Foamcore Boards are extremely strong but lightweight and have the Colourfix Original surface applied to them.  Currently available in a 41x51cm size.

Mi Tientes Touch

  • Touch is a sanded type paper with a Medium Fine tooth.  It is available in 14 colours in sheets (55x75cm) and pads.  Fixative advisable. Suitable for underpainting on coloured area.

Mi Teintes

  • This is a traditional drawing paper with cotton content.  The paper is 160gsm and has a grain which is used to hold the pastel.  Sheets are 50x65cm and pads are also available. Fixative is recommended.  Suitable for light underpainting.

Fabriano Artistico

  • This is an artist quality watercolour paper.  It is 100% cotton, 300gsm and comes in sheets (76x56cm) and pads.  The grain of the paper helps to hold the pastel.  Often for mixed media use as opposed to straight pastel paintings.  Suitable for underpainting. Tutor will advise on fixative.


  • Pastelmat is a flat grip paper.  It holds a very good amount of pastel whilst its relatively flat surface allows for detail when painting.  It is available as sheets (70x100cm, 50x70cm, 50x35cm, 35x25cm and A4), boards (70x100cm, 50x70cm) as well as pads. Fixative rarely required. Suitable for underpainting.

Sennelier Pastel Card

  • Pastel Card is a flat grip paper.  The surface is relatively flat but quite abraisive.  It holds a good amount of pastel and allows for detail.  Fixative rarely required.  Not suitable for underpainting, dry work only.

UART Papers

  • Uart is a sanded paper with a perfectly uniform surface from edge to edge.  It comes in seven different grades.

    • 240 Grade, Very Rough.

    • 280 Grade, Rough.

    • 320 Grade, Medium Rough.

    • 400 Grade, Medium.

    • 500 Grade, Medium Fine.

    • 600 Grade, Fine.

    • 800 Grade, Extra Fine.

  • 400, 500 and 600 are the most popular grades with 800 being a favourite of pencil lovers.  The paper is available in sheets (68x101cm, 53x68cm, 30x46cm and rolls).  Suitable for underpainting and fixative is optional.  The rougher the grade the more pastel is held.  The finer the grade the more detial is possible.

Ampersand Pastelbord

  • Pastelboard is an artists hardboard coated with a Medium Fine abraisive surface.  Fixative optional but generally required.  Suitable for underpainting.

Fisher 400

  • A sanded paper you will need to order from overseas.  Use Uart 500 as the alternative.


  • Yupo is a flat synthetic paper often used for mixed media work.  It is available in pads and sheets (A3, A4 and larger sizes).  Suitable for underpainting.  Tutor will advise on fixative.

Gatorboard  (see Colourfix Optimum Boards).

Other Items

Liquitex Clear Gesso  - a normal acrylic gesso which is colourless.


Art Spectrum Gesso - normal acrylic gesso.


Art Spectrum Colourfix Primers - the Colourfix surface available as a primer which can be applied to most clean surfaces.  You'll need a small foam roller etc.


Pigmented Inks  - many ranges are available including Schmincke Aerocolor, Golden High Flow, FW Inks and Art Spectrum.


Watercolours - many ranges available including Schmincke Horadam, Sennelier, Holbein, Maimeri Blu Watercolours and Daniel Smith.