1. Can I register if I am not a member of the PSA?

Yes. Anyone can join in the Pastel Expo for the full ticket Price

2. How do I become a financial member of the PSA?

a. You can join through our website or follow the link from the

Benefits of being a member are much more than just the EXPO event.


3. How can I pay for my membership of the PSA?

a. If you are a resident of Australia, you can pay by

    i. Cash/cheque – at a meeting or by mail to PO Box 236 TOOWONG DC QLD 4066

   ii. By phone PayPal to the Treasurer on +61414571090

  iii. Bank Transfer quoting your order number and name

   iv. By Paypal at the same time as you order

b. If you are a resident of New Zealand or elsewhere, please pay by Paypal not bank transfer.

4. How will I know that my registration is received by the PSA?

a. Bookings not open at this time.


5. Do I have a choice for which workshops and demonstrations I can go to.

a. Bookings not open at this time.


6. Can I be waitlisted for other workshops?

a. Bookings not open at this time.

7. Can I choose a half day plein air session plus demonstrations on one day?

a. Bookings not open at this time..

8.Do I have to pay up front?

a. Yes, via credit card or paypal at the time of booking. 

9.What if I only want to attend one event?

a. Bookings not open at this time.

10.When will I know what my timetable will be?

a. You will receive your confirmation email from Try Booking.

11.Can I register for my friend as well?

a. No you will need separate registrations on Try Booking. Guests for Wednesday, Thursday or Friday can be included in your booking.

12.Can I register later than 1 March 2020?

a. Yes, you can register at any time until all workshops and demonstrations are full. Registrations close on 31 July 2020.

13.When can non-PSA members register?

a. General registrations begin on 1 March 2020.

14.Can I pay in instalments?

a. No, you must pay at the time of registration via Try Booking.

15.If a workshop space becomes available during the event, can I change my schedule so I can attend?

a. Yes, however, you may only move from a workshop to a demo and this incur an admin fee.

16.What if I cannot attend at the last moment, will I get my money back?

a. We have a cancellation policy which allows for a full or partial refund in the case of death or disability of yourself or an immediate family member; inability to attend due to extreme weather or special circumstances beyond your control. We are however committed to catering costs which we must recover. Proof may be required to obtain a refund.

17.Can I put my name on a waiting list if the EXPO is fully booked out?

a. Yes, we will keep a waiting list open up to the last day of the event and offer places on a first listed basis.

18.Do I need to pay a deposit to keep my name on the waiting list?

a. No, we will contact you as soon as a placement becomes available and your full payment then will secure the spot.

19.Can I bring a friend or relative along for a day?

a. No, only paid attendees can attend the workshops and the demonstrations, and the trade stalls are not open to the public. On some of the social occasions we may allow paid guests and the public.

20. Can I bring a pet?

a. The Event Centre only allows registered guide dogs and Assistance dogs on the premises. You would have to contact your accommodation and transport providers for their rules.

21. I use a wheelchair/mobility device, can I attend everything without assistance?

a. Yes, the venue is wheelchair friendly and there are ramps near stairs. All our activities at the Event Centre are on ground level. There are lifts from the car park to the ground floor. If you are planning a plein air excursion, please contact Karol Oakley on 0419023841 for advice on each location. There is a check box on the Try Booking site for you to indicate your needs.

22.I have special dietary needs, will I be able to eat the set lunches?

a. When you register, you can tick a special diet box and advise us of your needs. The caterers do provide many alternatives for diabetics etc, however, you can still advise us and we will pass that on to the caterers.

23.Can I bring my own food and drinks?

a. No, we have a contract with the venue’s caterers’ that prohibits food being brought on to the premises. You may choose to eat your own lunch outside, but there is no refrigeration available for storage. There are no refunds for bringing your own lunch.

24.What if I am late to attend the workshop or demonstration?

a. The doors are closed 5 minutes after scheduled start times unless you have contacted us by phone on +61414571090 or 0414571090 at least half an hour before the scheduled start time.

25.Will I get a refund if I am late because of traffic? Or cannot find a carpark?

a. No, we ask you to allow yourself plenty of time to arrive and set up. The rooms are open to set up, an hour before the scheduled start time.

26. Is it easy to park at or near the venue?

a. Yes, there are 150 undercover spaces at the venue which are restricted for our use. There are public carparks within 2 blocks and there is metered street parking in the local streets. Public carparks are for 3 hours.

b. The accommodation providers we have recommended to you, have their own carparks and are also within 2 easy walking blocks of the venue.

c. We have organised a mini-bus to take plein air painters to their venues.

d. We encourage car pooling and there will be an option to book the Expo charter bus at the point of registration.

27. I have hearing/vision/standing difficulties, can I rearrange the tables to suit me?

a. No, the lay out of the rooms are set up by the venue, and work health and safety issues are taken into account. Wherever possible, we will try to accommodate your needs, but some spaces may be awkward for a wheelchair. Please let us know as far ahead as possible if you have special needs so we can fit you in comfortably for yourself and others.

28.Can I store my belongings overnight or during the day at the venue?

a. We have an unmanned shared area available for storage. Neither the venue nor ourselves are responsible for any lost or damaged property. The venue does have a security patrol and is locked at night.

29.Can we take photos of other people’s work, or other people?

a. We will have professional photographers and audio visual people taking photos throughout the event. If you do not want them, or other attendees to take photos of you or your work, just politely tell them to exclude you. If you wish to photograph other people or their work, always ask permission first. Always ask permission to upload other people’s work on social media.

30. Do I need to bring easels, hairdryers or special equipment to EXPO?

a. Each of the tutors has provided a materials list which is available on the website well before the event. The trade show shops also have the lists, and materials will be available for sale. We suggest you bring a lightweight travel easel. We provide hair dryers and all electrical appliances must be tagged and tested by Queensland standards. 

31.Can the PSA help me with accommodation and travel arrangements?

a. No, however we have a Facebook group for carpooling and accommodation idea sharing. We have special rates arranged at several locations in Caloundra, and they are also on the website, however, the PSA doesn’t make arrangements for you and we do not receive commission on bookings at the venues recommended by us. We have inspected their rooms and they are excellent value. These apartments are self contained and ideal for sharing.

32. Who can I ring if I need to speak to a real person?

a. You can email on or call 0414571090 or Whats App +61414571090. Other phone numbers will be available later on.

33. Will I have fun?

a. YES