The first medium Karol was introduced to was pastel. She was hooked. Thirty years later she travels the world sharing her love of pastel through, teaching, workshops, judging, plein-air painting events, demonstrating and leading painting tours. Karol also shares her love of pastel in articles for Australian Artist magazine.


Karol enjoys painting ‘en plein-air’ and paints from life as much as possible. The versatility and vibrancy of the pastel lends a richness, to the expressive representational style Karol’s work is described as.

Karol is a long-time member of the PSA and a Master Pastellist, awarded the Pastellist of the Year in 2014.   She has work in private and public collections both here and overseas as well as having work juried into the IAPS convention and Exhibition in 2017. Karol has recently returned form NZ as the 2018 guest judge and artist for their PANZ conference.

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Introducing Pastels


All Students

This demo is a short history about pastel following on with a show and tell, a spotlight on pastel, the supports used, current practices along with tips and tricks about our favourite medium. Audience questions are welcome as we delve into everything pastel.


This is an ideal introduction for beginners. “A practicing pastellist for 30 years, I’m still learning and love exploring this vibrant versatile medium.  “Why is it so” is a trademark question of mine as the more an artist knows about their medium of choice the greater their freedom is in using it. I am challenging pastellists to ask questions and experiment, to “see what happens if”.

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5 Simple Steps for Plein Air


Plein Air Session

Student Experience Level: All Students

This session covers gathering information for a future painting in the studio. Karol will demonstrate her 5 Simple Steps Guide to Plein air.


Painting, encouraging everyone to find the best details, tone and colour, in their chosen subject. We will be painting a sketch, so this session is ideal or beginners or those new to plein-air.

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Creating a Painting from Plein Air Sketches


All Students

Karol takes a plein-air sketch and shows you the simple process of creating a new work in the studio based on this and other observations. Plein-air to studio work gives more life to your painting than a photo will. 


“Painting from life is essential to any artists growth, we learn quicker, see colour and tone and details that a photo misses”.

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Loosening up your Pastel Style


One day workshop

Student Experience Level: Some Experience

Get ‘The No Fear Guide’ to loosening up your pastel paintings. This is a structured, fully explained workshop where Karol presents an easy to follow pathway to your new look looser style.


Painting with some planning and visualization, this workshop includes underpainting in inks and pastel and is based on land and waterscapes.


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