The first medium Karol was introduced to was pastel. She was hooked. Thirty years later she travels the world sharing her love of pastel through, teaching, workshops, judging, plein-air painting events, demonstrating and leading painting tours. Karol also shares her love of pastel in articles for Australian Artist magazine.

Karol is a long-time member of the PSA and a Master Pastellist, awarded the Pastellist of the Year in 2014.   She has work in private and public collections both here and overseas as well as having work juried into the IAPS convention and Exhibition in 2017. Karol has recently returned form NZ as the 2018 guest judge and artist for their PANZ conference.

"As a visual artist I am looking for what the story is in each subject, how I can express this for others to feel connected and involved. As a Master Pastellist with the PSA I have the privilege of teaching this love of nature in pastel across the world. Starting The Online Art Society in 2020, when Covid hit, is a career highlight as it allowed me to connect artists across the world in times of isolation. Pastel is my addiction and has been for the last 30 years. I love painting from life, chasing the subjects Mother Nature spotlights and colours so divinely, especially when it involves water and the ocean. It is my privilege as an artist to explore this natural world, find the stories and sculpt a response in paint. Teaching others the nitty gritty of painting in Mother Natures backyard, exploring the shape, colour and texture of a subject gives me joy while it gives students confidence."

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Get Toned

Is tone the great mystery of art? Some artists make their way through without knowing why tone is important and how it can be used so brilliantly to make an art-piece sing. Why is tone so important? Do you need to get toned up? Have greater awareness of what this essential painting tool can do for your paintings?


Find out how to use tone, with simple myth-busting demos and discussions along with an interactive Q&A in this demo. Student Requirements: Bring a notebook or Visual Diary and a 2B pencil for some hands on work and your favourite colour pastel.


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Traditional Landscape from the Heart

Student Experience Level: All Students

How to start the painting, what to look for in getting your landscape story on to the paper is demonstrated, explained and discussed in this structured course. It is for those with some idea of pastel painting but want to get into the nitty gritty what makes a stand out landscape painting.


Elements of painting, tone, colour, temperature and more, are worked through so that each participant has the tools they need to make that painting. Each person will be working with their own references to tell the story that’s in their heart.

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Plein-Air Confidence

Student Experience Level: All Students

New or a bit unsure about Plein-air painting? Our focus is on getting to the nitty gritty of what to look for, and how to get all that info onto your paper in the short time you have before the light changes! Be challenged.


It is doable and

I’ll show you how, in easy to take steps that get to the heart of painting, quickly and simply, at one of our beautiful beaches with rocks. A finished painting isn’t a requirement. Learning how and gaining confidence is.

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