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Pastel is the most exciting and glowing medium. I just love it!

To share its creative possibilities and its unique properties to all painting subjects is a joy We create shimmering layers of pastel which float across one another creating complex broken colour and an incredibly beautiful painting surface. There is nothing quite like a beautiful pastel painting!


For twenty years, I have taught painting in pastel to artists around Australia and overseas, but particularly in my own Brisbane Street Art School in Launceston, Tasmania where we regularly study all aspect of painting.


An exciting high point to my pastel life was the invitation in 2014 to France as the Guest of Honour at the Salon International du Pastel in Saint Aulaye. So many wonderful painters displaying their pastel work. This experience only increased my love of this beautiful medium and in 2018, I was the guest artist for the Pastel Association of New Zealand. I receive many invitations to teach what I have learned to fellow artists, and I have taken many art tours to Europe teaching workshops in France, Italy Spain, Portugal, Northern Ireland and New Zealand.

So many opportunities to share and learn the love of pastel and meet with fellow pastel artists!


Over the years, I have received the encouragement of many awards for my work and have been included as finalist in many major exhibitions and have been published in National and International Artist Magazines.


My painting and teaching style is based on the knowledge and principles of a classical art education, and onto this foundation I have built an efficient painting method using principles from the Tonal Impressionist School and also the colour discoveries of the Impressionists.

I love to share the beauty and practise of art!

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Demonstration - Zoom

Pastel Portrait- Pursuing the Poetry and Exploring the process

We will be looking at how to create an expressive and powerful portrait in pastel and particularly how to pursue the poetry of the subject. Next, the stages in drawing of the portrait, establishing the proportions and capturing a likeness. We will keep the process as simple as possible, establishing the 5 main values to create the form and drama of the subject.

working in simple tonal shapes from the large to  the small and avoiding the detail as long as possible.  The final stage will be to prioritise the elements that enhance the poetic concept and and make the most of the beauties of pastel.     

Spanish Quince.jpg
Demonstration - Zoom

Still life - The Way to Learn Everything about Painting

The great masters of painting knew the importance of working from life. 

Photos can be helpful, but they will never show us the subtlety of tonal value,s, colour and the superb effects of light on form and texture that we can learn to see and understand  working from life. A still life teaches all of this, plus so much more. You learn drawing skills, composition and concept design, the aesthetics of a painting, the process of painting, how to start and how to fact by regularly painting still life, you learn that it is like creating a 

piece of visual poetry, 

and you soon realise that it has taught you how to paint anything! 

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