The pursuit of masterly quality and technique is a high priority for Lyn Diefenbach whose work is imbued with a celebration of her faith and of life. Her ability to communicate her ideas has entrenched her as a respected and sought-after tutor, with teaching engagements across the globe (including IAPS in 2015 and 2019).

Lyn is a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia and was awarded Eminent Pastellist status in the International Association of Pastel Societies in 2019. Lyn was accepted into the Pastel Society of America as a Signature Member in 2016. She has been featured numerous times in the International Artist, Pastel Journal and Australian Artist magazines.

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Lyn Dief Floral Landscape - PastelHippie

The Floral Landscape


Student Experience Level: All Students

The surface of a flower is a landscape of hills and valleys, twists and turns, textures and patterns held together in a kaleidoscope of colour. In this workshop you will be provided with answers to the eternal questions:

  • "How do I create the illusion of dimensionality ?"

  • "How do I make it glow?"

  • "How do I paint a believable shadow?"

  • "How come you don't make mud when you blend?"

  • "When do I know when it is finished?"


Undoubtedly you will have many more questions so make sure that you bring them with you. This will be a fun and informative workshop that will leave you breathless with the potential of pastels.

*information subject to change*

Lyn Dief Rhythms of the Sea - Sunset Wav

Rhythms of the Sea featuring Girault pastels


Student Experience Level: All Students

“Every day I see the ocean, every day I walk on the beach feel the breezes and smell the salt air - what a treat" says Lyn Diefenbach.


This pleasure and privilege have translated into a love of painting seascapes and an understanding of the rhythms and patterns of the sea. Being able to portray those rhythms with energy and the illusion of reality is always the challenge for the artist.


In this workshop Lyn will bring you to a greater understanding of the technical elements of line, value, colour and edge to help you achieve success. The day will include demonstrations, and individual attention at the easel as participants work from their own source material.

*information subject to change*

Lyn Dief Creative Still Life - On Reflec

Creative Still Life


Student Experience Level: All Students

It’s all about seeing potential in the mundane and coming up with a unique vision to produce a painting that has impact. In this workshop we will spend time exploring compositional tactics such as cropping, format, eye level, colour harmony to achieve that “something different”. Come with your creative antenna on high alert to explore a world of possibilities.


We will be working from photos which will be supplied or you can bring your own. There will be plenty of demonstrations, information and tutor input as your work on your own project.

*information subject to change*