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Lyn Henry is the current President of the Pastel Artists of New Zealand. (PANZ) 

With 20 years’ experience working with pastels, Lyn has developed a unique approach to her art. She sees light and colour in everything including numbers, music and days of the week! Her art has evolved from realist paintings into expressing stories, memories, and feelings.


For Lyn, abstract expressionism has made her a technically stronger artist, and gives her freedom to explore the ‘what if’ of pushing ideas through texture, the layering of colour, and having fun! She is Vice President of PANZ, lives in the beautiful south of New Zealand, and tutors and mentors pastellists in the southern region. She is delighted to share her ideas at Expo!

Lyn Henry's work will be on display in the tutor's exhibition

Where to find Lyn...

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