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Regina paintings are mostly inspired by her love of water, reflections and portraiture in the pastel and oil mediums where she seeks to capture an intimate mood and aliveness in her work whilst revealing beauty in the colours and light of her subject. Regina holds a Fellowship status with The Australian Guild of Realist Artists; a Signature and Honorary Life Membership of the PSVA and has been a past President of PSVA.


She has received many awards and recognition of her work at major events and exhibitions. Regina has featured in pastel books and major art publications including the International Pastel Magazine, Australian Artist Magazine and Pratique des Arts Spécial Pastel, and has tutored and demonstrated throughout Australia and internationally in the USA and Europe on many of her painting trips and art tours.

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The Magic of Water

Painting rivers and small inlets out to sea under the right light conditions are very inspiring to me. My work is predominately of water subjects as I love being near water and feel drawn to its life force.


Whether I'm painting plein air or in my studio I respond to the effects of light, colour, drama and atmosphere of a subject and I like to invite a sense of wonder and exploration in my work. I often manipulate or add elements to a painting to enhance its story, which I will be doing in this demonstration, drawing on the mood I felt when I was there sketching.


My subject will be of an inlet going out to sea from a recent visit to Adventure Bay on Bruny Island, Tasmania.

*information subject to change*

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Diving into Plein-Air

Student Experience Level: All Students

Plein air painting allows us to capture the true light, colours and mood of our subject that a photo never can. Through correct observation and practice, it provides unmeasurable help in our studio work.


Join Regina who will help you overcome your fears and to learn how to keep things simple. Your tutor will demonstrate a small water scene followed by individual assistance throughout the day. Participants who have attended one of Regina's workshops will be able to put their new knowledge into practice. You will be encouraged to paint one, two or more smaller works at your own pace. T


here will be a brief group critique session of the days paintings before returning on the bus. Your bus will take you to Shelly Beach or a similar location. A Plein Air Painting Tip sheet and example images of Regina's field/travel kit are also provided for your information upon enrollment.

*information subject to change*

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Making Water Look Wet

Student Experience Level: All Students

Boats on a sunny day waiting patiently for their owners next use are a constant inspiration to me and they are also one of the best ways to understand less turbulent water and movement. In this workshop you will learn how to create depth and water perspective, whilst concentrating on painting water that feels alive and wet with reflected light.


Practice layering and glazing techniques that naturally blend pastel colours and learn the role your paper colour can play in adding vibrancy to your water subject as well as the basic techniques and tips you will find useful when painting water. In the process, enhance your knowledge of composition and storytelling of the subject we will be painting, that gives it further life.


You will enjoy step-by-step guidance of an intimate water and boat subject provided by your tutor with your materials list, and the best part is that these techniques can be learned by anyone – no matter your current skill level!  Student notes will also be provided

*information subject to change*

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Water and Reflections

Student Experience Level: All Students

Join Regina to explore the magic of water movement and reflections and how to realistically portray it.


You will learn what makes for a visually strong painting through a planned concept using tone, colour, and angles to enhance a focal point. Learn why and how to add in or leave out elements in a painting to build on its mood that tells a more profound story, plus learn the techniques and tips useful for most water subjects.


You will enjoy step-by-step guidance of a subject provided by your tutor with your materials list, with additional reference images made available to help build on the story of our subject.


Student Notes will also be provided

*information subject to change*

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