Silent Auction




The following 9 paintings were on silent auction at the Pastel EXPO 2018. 

Penelope Gilbert-Ng Pastel on White Sued

Penelope Gilbert-Ng

Shelly Beach    32 X 15cm

A Secret Place L Corke IMG_4168.jpg
Working team, Rushworth -Pastel 28 x 48

Ross Paterson

The Working Team    48 X 28cm


Chris Blake

On the Strut    32 X 20cm


Leonie Duff

First Light, Winnaleah   ¼ sheet

Louise Corke

A secret place    30 X 40cm

Storm Brewing P1030520 - Copy.JPG

Joan Macnaught

Storm Brewing

Beauty and the Bush.jpeg
Noosa River Morning.JPG

Tricia Taylor

Noosa River, Morning  ¼ sheet

Lyn Diefenbach

Beauty and the Bush   45 X33cm


Christine Clark

Pretty in Pink    half sheet