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Stephie Clark is an Australian based soft pastel artist, best known for her uninhibited exploration of the natural world. Self-taught, Stephie began her love affair with soft pastels in 2011, cultivating inspiration from the Impressionism art movement and her close observation of beauty in nature. Naturally, she is also drawn to nature photography and uses many of her original photographs as references in her soft pastel paintings. Since becoming a full-time artist, Stephie divides her time between painting in her country studio in Armidale and teaching workshops at home, online and abroad.


She loves sharing the raw potential of the pastel medium, bringing a subject to life through colour, light and composition. Stephie cherishes her connection with her many students worldwide and has an active Patreon community in which she shares monthly tutorials, mentorship and material reviews. Stephie has been a featured artist in demonstrations held by the Pastel Society in Australia and New Zealand. She is also a member of the Pastel Guild of Europe and has been interviewed & featured in French magazine, Pratique des Arts. Stephie Clark’s original artworks and prints are available for purchase on her website.

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Story of Light

 Stephie’s demo will take you on an English country garden wander to paint a freshly picked bouquet seated beautifully in a glass jar.


Painting from a still life set up, we will skip our way down the light lit pathway discovering how light tells the story.

*information subject to change*

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Bloom with Grace

Experience Level: All Students

We have designed the perfect 1 day workshop to discover the beauty of soft pastels and let Stephie take you on an  exploration of soft pastel art with the focus on bright, loose florals. 

Each day of the workshop, Stephie demonstrates exactly how she makes a painting from scratch using her self taught techniques for her backgrounds and applying pastels with freedom and thoughtfulness.

We will paint from life as well as photos and discuss the differences. Stephie not only wants you to come away with some successful works, but also the confidence, knowledge and skills to keep practicing at home.

Stephie wants each workshop participant to grow in experience and apply skills that are relevant for your own artistic voice.

*information subject to change*