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Award winning painter, instructor and author Tony Allain has been painting for over 40 years. A self-taught painter of colour, light and movement with a complete understanding of his surroundings. Born and raised on Guernsey in the Channel Islands he moved to paint and live in Cornwall, UK to capture the unique clarity of light living on the peninsular of the West Country. Tony has exhibited extensively over the years, his work can be found in many leading galleries as well as private and corporate collections worldwide, including the Maritime Museum, Guernsey and Queen Mary 2, Cunard Ocean Liner. He has exhibited with The Pastel Society of America in New York, the  Royal Society of Marine Artists, London, The International Pastel Exhibition, Suzhou, China and the Pastel Society, Mall Galleries, London. A move to New Zealand in 2006 proved to be a turning point in his career with the acceptance as a Master of the Pastel Artists of New Zealand.

His work is regularly featured in The Artist Magazine, the Pastel Journal and the Practique des Arts


He is a member of The Pastel Society, London,UK, Associate member of The Royal Society of Marine Artists, London, UK, A signature member of the Pastel Society of America , A member of the Master Circle of the International Association of Pastel Societies, A member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast, A member of the Red Rocks Pastel Society , A member of the German Pastel Society, and a member of the Arizona Pastel Artists Association.


Tony now lives and works from his studio in Scotland, and has just completed US tour.


"My passion will always be the landscape, it is why I became an artist. I want to share my vision of the world I see. Colour and light is my motivation for choosing a subject. The light sparkling on the water, the colour reflected in the landscape. I favour the early morning or late afternoon to capture these effects. I think an artist has to allow their surroundings to firstly reveal itself in a way that helps them share their vision with others. The quest for perfection can bring with it fear of making mistakes and can result in a style which can seem inhibited. I am not interested in pure representation; my work is about responses to the moods and atmospheres generated by landscape, still life or interior. The most precious thing we artist have is our visual language"

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Where land meets the sea!

Student Experience Level: All Students

In this demonstration I will take you back to my roots to my home

Island of Guernsey where dramatic steep cliffs tumble down to meet

The sometimes raging seas of the western Atlantic Ocean.

Using location sketches made on site and the all important value

Sketches we will try to recreate the drama of this coastline adding

Depth, colour and composition to make a successful full sheet painting

*information subject to change*

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Creativity Untamed: from sketch to frame

Student Experience Level: All Students

Have you ever wanted to bring a looser and more painterly feel to your work loaded with juicy colour and flooded with light? Join me and I will share some of my working methods concentrating on subjects that delight you and excite the viewer.

Step by step you will learn how to view and record your world using our gouache colour sketches and value thumbnails along with our reference material where we can bring a more natural and emotional feeling to our work expressing our passion with

every stroke!.

*information subject to change*

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Chasing the light

Student Experience Level: All Students

In this session we will learn how to simplify our approach to achieve exciting impressionistic paintings that have a strong design with bold colour and expressive marks that use direct strokes on a textured surface to emphasise ‘brushwork’.


The workshop will include discussions on pastel materials, surfaces, developing your styles and methods unique to the medium of pastel. There will be plenty demonstrations and heaps of challenges for the students. This workshop is for those willing to go through the door marked ‘ ‘leaving your comfort zone’ and enter a world full of exciting and expressive pastel application

*information subject to change*

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