Tricia Reust is a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia and has become adept in recycling old pastel works. The excitement of producing completely new surfaces for pastel  from old paintings never ceases to thrill, and with our poor old world needing more than ever a reduction in waste, the techniques and methods to successfully achieve this deserve to be proclaimed!

Tricia rarely works on a plain paper surface. She prefers to start the story with underpaintings, texture and collage which necessitates the exploration of mediums and techniques good enough to present work of the highest archival standard.

Tricia often uses pastel on her canvas works, in portraits and mixed media. Tricia has established a relationship with Australian art materials manufacturers in order to maintain a working knowledge of products, enabling her to present work of the highest archival standard.

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Using Pastel Wet


Demonstration suitable for all levels

This demonstration will cover using pastel wet with water for underpaintings, for unifying collage and texture; and using wet pastel during the whole painting process including making a pastel ‘paint’ and using this for stamping and stencilling. Completed works will be on show to illustrate the effects and techniques.

*information subject to change*

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Pastel on Canvas


Demonstration suitable for all levels

This demonstration will cover using pastel in various methods, on canvas, either straight on to a gessoed canvas or a canvas which has been coated with AS Pastel Primer.


The session will deal with using pastel wet on canvas for certain effects; using pastel over collage and texture; using pastel as the last layer on mixed media textured canvases either to establish a motif or to dry-brush; and how to seal the finished pastel on the canvas.

*information subject to change*

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Creating New Works from Old using Art Spectrum Pastel Primer


Student Experience Level: All Students

The first half of the workshop will be devoted to exercises creating new surfaces on paper, prepared in various methods and textures using tools and pastel primers. The second session will be spent investigating how to resurrect areas of, or entire surfaces of, old pastel works that participants have brought from home, including works on thinner papers.

Art Spectrum is providing pastel primers and some papers for each participant. Attendees will leave with papers prepared for working in pastel: old pastel works that have been completed by resolving only certain sections, and old works that have been completely transformed into new surfaces for new pastel work.

*information subject to change*