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Born in Melbourne, Australia. Lynette’s love of the creative has been a driving force and has such mastered many different mediums and holds a wealth of information on a great number of mediums and substrates. The wonder of colour and light has been a constant inspiration for her now for over three decades of painting. 


She has established herself in the art community through solo exhibitions and group shows as a highly respected painter and she is often invited to demonstrate her craft Intrastate, Interstate and Internationally. She has taught painting professionally and privately for well over two decades and her commitment and passion for art is revealed in her involvement in several art societies and committees. Being a sort after art show judge for several select art societies and expos throughout the years. 


Lynette’s disciplined approach in her study of the horse has been greatly emphasized by spending countless hours at events, shows and tracing through the sometimes-muddy paddocks. Inspired by what she sees, Lynette then goes back into the studio, transforming them into two – dimensional artworks, all the while putting great emphasis on the technical execution.

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1 Image, 3 Substrates

Demonstration presented on behalf of sponsor Canson Australia

Can you achieve the same results with 1 Image and 3 different Substrates?

In this demonstration Lynette will walk you through how 1 image applied onto 3 different substrates, Ampersand Pastelbord, Canson MiTeintes & Canson MiTeintes Touch can have a profound effect on how your finished art piece looks and the level of detail that may or may not be achieved on each of them.

We will discuss how the artist may need to change and adapt some of their pastel techniques to achieve a finished piece that they are happy with, finally we will look at how each different substrate can be treated either with water, paint, or pastels and what the outcome may be.

Samples of each substrate will be available to all who attend this demonstration.

*Information subject to change*

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Animals in Pastel - Creating the Story

Experience level: All Students


Workshop presented on behalf of os sponsor Canson Australia


Pastels are both a drawing and painting medium and the ultimate tool for the creative artist.


In this workshop it will allow you to practise techniques to utilise soft pastel, pastel pencils and investigate using an Airbrush to create photorealistic bokeh background effects. 

We will also look at how we can add and subtract in a painting to create a moment in time. Example is, add a butterfly for the fox to chase, creating a point of interest that was not there before. We will look at how we add these so that they don’t look stuck on. Lighting, positioning etc.


Course Outline:

  • Materials and tools. 

  • Look at Animal fur, feathers, noses, and textured skin

  • The use of the Airbrush to create ‘bokeh’ effects (Bokeh is defined as “the effect of a soft out-of-focus background that you get when shooting a subject, using a fast lens, at the widest aperture, such as f/2.8 or wider.” Simply put, bokeh is the pleasing or aesthetic quality of out-of-focus blur in a photograph.)

  • Complete an animal portrait 

  • Putting your knowledge together.


*Information subject to change*

Autumn Leap_Pastel on board_2020_Orzlowski
Autumn Leap_Pastel on board_2020_Orzlowski

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Frozen Wonderland
Frozen Wonderland

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On Show_Orzlowski
On Show_Orzlowski

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