Julie and Michael are international award winning artists from New Zealand who share a love of pastel and realism. Both have had a fascination with realism since childhood and in both of their artwork they strive to create images that have greater depth and feeling than can be achieved with a photograph.

Julie is a Master Pastelist (MPANZ), is in the Master Circle of IAPS and is a
Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA).

Michael is a Master Pastelist (MPANZ) is in the Master Circle of IAPS, is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA) and has a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Between them they have over 40 years of teaching experience.

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Julie Freeman

Michael Freeman

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Michael Freeman workshop- Still Life Tex

Still Life – Exploring Light, Form and Texture

Full 1 Day workshop

Experience level: All Students

 In this two day workshop ‘Still Life – Exploring Light, Form and Texture’ Michael and Julie will be:

  • Sharing their personal tools, tips, secrets and techniques

  • Exploring how to achieve 3 dimensional depth in your painting

  • Giving step by step demonstrations and exercises

  • Outlining their preferred work processes and materials

  • Illustrating how you can use photography as a tool

  • Explaining what it means to see with a realistic eye

Julie and Michael’s techniques and approach are flexible and can be applied to any genre (their one day workshop isn’t solely aimed at students interested in photorealism/hyperrealism)

*information subject to change*

Julie Freeman Workshop - Animal Textures

Mastering Animals

Full 2 Day workshop

You have to book into both days to enjoy this workshop. 

Experience level: All Students

In Julie and Michael’s workshop you will learn how to see with a realistic eye and create animals you can touch.

We will share our knowledge in accurate drawing, layering and blending. We will discuss our work process, tools, tips and techniques that will improve your artwork - such as using the camera as a tool.


 Our workshops are inclusive and will be beneficial to artists from all genres (not only photorealist/hyperrealist )

*information subject to change*