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Tricia Taylor is a Master Pastellist from Queensland, Australia with over 20 years of experience working with pastels. Having an impressionistic style of realism Tricia’s work has life and movement focusing on the beauty of light. She has awards in landscape, seascape, still life, florals and portraits along with being awarded Pastellist of the Year 2010.


"I paint using a variety of medium including pastels, oils and watercolour, it is the light that has always fascinated me. It has so many meanings and significance in life. It brings clarity, hope and unveils our path. The moment between night and day as light fills the sky with colour, this Kairos moment, brings me deep joy. With art as the vehicle, I tell the story of light whether it is the hope of a sunrise, the light falling on a child’s face to reveal their innocence or the path of light as it falls on the velvet petal of a flower. I aim to share the light of God that lives in me and is revealed in creation into the lives of others to bring just a little more joy into their hearts.”


As an Accredited Unison artist Tricia has been given her own selections of Unison pastel sets. Including Seascape, Earth and Rock, Sand and more that can be ordered from her website. Teaching from beginners to advanced students for 13 years. Tricia’s workshops are in demand in Australia and internationally.

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Easy Light over the Ocean

There is a moment of light between night and day that explodes with colour. But it only lasts a moment. This demonstration will show you how I capture this kairos moment. Watch as I step you gently through the colour wheel giving glow to the sky and harmony to the artwork.

*information subject to change*

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Colour Chords: How to make a painting sing. 

Student Experience Level: All levels



The world of colour to an artist in amazing, endless, intriguing but also confusing. Why do some paintings I see absolutely sing when others look like something isn't quite right but I can't pinpoint it. This workshop will explore how to use colour chords to create harmony and contrast. Learning how to control colour and help your artwork sing. 

*information subject to change*

tricia taylor heavenly light.JPG

Sunset Skies

Student Experience Level: Some experience needed

The beauty of a sunset sky is intoxicating. The showcase of colour can be breathtaking to watch but difficult to capture.


In this workshop we will learn techniques to stay clean, not make mud and learn how to transition from one tone to another using colour bridges. The workshop will cover a lot of colour theory and pastel application techniques as we paint a sunset.

*information subject to change*

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