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Workshop information and material list can be found by clicking on the underlined workshop title.

To order materials from Oxlades or prior to the expo click the link below.

Discounted materials will be also be available to purchase during the expo at the Trade show!


Pauline's Schedule

Pauline has studied the Figure extensively and has tutored many workshops locally and interstate. She has won over 70 awards and recognitions and works in figures, portraits, life drawing pastels, oils, ink and watercolours.

FULL Thursday 13th Workshop 9am-4pm

Figure Studies in Charcoal and Pastel

Saturday 15th Demonstration 2pm-3:30pm

The Figure In Pastel

Sunday 16th Demonstration 2pm-3:30pm 

The figure Using Watercolour and Pastel


Chris's Schedule

Master Pastellist Chris Blake is a London-born Australian artist working mostly in oils and pastels.  A Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia he paints landscapes, town-scapes, marine subjects, boats and action and human interest subjects.

Thursday 13th Demonstration 9am-10:30am-12:30pm Equine Madness.

Thursday 13th Demonstration 11am-12:30pm Putting Life into the townscape

Sunday 16th Workshop: 9pm-4pm

Marine Reflections


Christine's Schedule

Born in Melbourne Master Pastellist Christine Clark has always had a passion for drawing and painting.  Chris has painted in various mediums, but regards pastel, oil and charcoal as her favourites, loving the soft luscious strokes, texture and vibrant colours.  

Thursday 13th Demo 9am-10:30pm 

Seascape Energy and Mood

Saturday 15th Workshop: 9am-4pm

Fantastic Flowers Impressionistic Style

Sunday 16th Workshop 9am-4pm

Portraiture in mixed Media pastel and charcoal. 

Thursday 13th Demo 11am-12:30pm 

Impressionistic Landscape


Louise's Schedule

Master Pastellist Louise Corke's journey with pastels began in 1993. Since that time I have loved every minute of every pastel experience…I think they were made for me. I consider painting like a dance that is pure gestural expression. I marry my heart to my hand and together they speak visual music.

Friday 14th Demonstration 9am-10:30am 

Creating custom alternative surfaces for


Saturday 15th Workshop 9am-4pm

Portraits Less is More

CLOSED Sunday 16th Workshop: 9am-4pm

Still Life Colours that flow in the river of light. 

Friday 14th Demonstration 11am-12:30am 

Moving water in a rocky environment. 


Lyn's Schedule

Lyn Diefenbach comes with more than 25 years experience as a tutor in both pastels and oils. Lyn received her Masters Circle medallion at IAPS in 2015. Recognised as a Master Pastellist by the Pastel Society of Australia for many years, Lyn was accepted into the Pastel Society of America as a

Signature Member in 2016. She is also a juried member of the International Guild of Realism.

Thursday 13th Workshop 9am-4pm

The Floral Portrait

Friday 14th Workshop 9am-4pm

Portraits - Building the Illusion of Reality 

Sunday 16th Workshop 9am-4pm

Still Life


I am motivated in my art to reflect a sense of wonder and appreciation at the work of the Creator. I see beauty, design, order and drama in simple objects, landscapes, the human form and the endless material in nature to inspire the artist. 

Leoni's Schedule

FULL Thursday 13th Workshop 9am-4pm 

Still Life: Style Story and Techniques of the Masters

 Friday 14th Workshop 9am-4pm 

Figures Seeing Beauty Gesture and Design

in Painting the Costumed Figure from Life

FULL Saturday 15th Workshop: 9am-4pm

Composing Powerful Figure Paintings from 

Photographic Reference. 


Master Pasetellist Penelope Gilbert Ng approaches all painting with a sense of problem solving without recipes. Each artist is an individual in style and interpretation. My focus is on that individuality of artist. It is the expression of the artist and mark making is very unique to each artist. It is finding that uniqueness which is my aim with the workshop. I demonstrate and guide each student in a relaxed environment and help each student be aware of many facets in painting with this unique and vibrant material.  

Penelope's Schedule

Thursday 13th Workshop 9am-4pm 

Children at Play Tell Your Own Story

FULL Saturday 15th Workshop 9am-4pm

Conceptual Abstract

Sunday 16th Demonstration: 11am-12:30pm

Portrait Simplify - Less is more

Sunday 16th Demonstration 9am-10:30am 12:30pm Landscape What is the story



Liz's Schedule

Liz Haywood-Sullivan, PSA-MP, IAPS/MC, was president of the International Association of Pastel Societies from 2013 to 2017, where she managed three IAPS conventions and 12 international exhibitions. She has authored a popular book about pastel and her award-winning paintings are highly collectible. A sought-after instructor, she teaches workshops around the United States as well as internationally. She is traveling to be at the Expo from her home in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Thursday 13th Workshop 9am-4pm 

Creating powerful Seascapes

Friday 14th Workshop 9am-4pm 

Capturing the Natural Landscape

Saturday 15th Workshop: 9am-4pm

Working with Architecture in the Landscape

Friday 14th Demonstration 5pm-6:30pm 

The Dramatic Sky in Pastel

Liz's workshops are both full. 

Her demonstrations are still open. 


Joan's Schedule

CLOSED Thursday 13th 1/2 day workshop 1pm-4pm  Make the Paper work for you in Florals 

Material List

Friday 14th Demonstration 2pm-3:30pm Country Clobber

CLOSED Sunday 16th Workshop: 9am-4pm

 Fun with Aussie Flowers

Material List

Joan is a Master Pastellist & Life Member of the Pastel Society of Australia Inc. and in 2004 won their coveted Pastellist of the Year Award.  She is a also a member of the Half Dozen Group of Artists and the Kangaroo Point Art Group.  She enjoys a range of subject matter from portrait to landscape using pastel, watercolour and mixed media.

Saturday 15th Demonstration 2pm-3:30pm

Still Water above and below, We See it all impressionist Realism


A trained teacher, Lyn has been a professional artist of beach and landscapes for 30 years.  Her realist/impressionistic pastel works have a visible sensitivity coming from observation and understanding of her subjects. They feel real. Lyn is a Fellow and Life member of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists. (A.G.R.A.) 

Lyn's Schedule

FULL Friday 14th Workshop 9am-4pm 

Waves Rocks and Shoreline. Impressionist

Realism - Material List   

FULL Saturday 15th Plein Air Session: 

8:30am-12:30pm. See it Love it do It. Mat List

Sunday 16th Demonstration: 2pm-3:30pm Seascape Energy moving in light Impressionist Realism


David Newman-White is acclaimed as a master visual artist and has been a teacher for the past 34 years. He studied in Australia,  and has taught at East Sydney,  Liverpool, Penrith and Seaforth TAFE, The Gallery School, Meadowbank Northern Institute TAFE, Nepean Art and Design Centre, Western Sydney Institute and the Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum (National Trust).

David's Schedule

Friday 14th Workshop 9am-4pm

Pastel Pencil Portrait with Mixed Media

Sunday 16th Double Demonstration

9am-12:30pm - runs for 2 sessions. 

Portait using Mixed Media and Oil Pastel



Karol's Schedule

Karol Oakley is a Plein-air painter and Master Pastellist with 30 plus years of pastel painting to share with you.  She works on the premise that there is always more to learn and shares her enthusiasm for painting with an easy manner, inspiring confidence and sharing what she knows.

Thursday 13th Plein air Session 1pm-4pm 

Location Boardwalk Caloundra

FULL Friday 14th Workshop 9am-4pm

Waterscape - Landscape with Water

Saturday 15th Workshop: 9am-4pm

Interpretive Pastels Mixed Media

Thursday 13th Demonstration 9am-10:30am

Plein-Air Painting Explained

Sunday 16th 1/2 day workshop 9am-12noon

Urban Planning


Ross's Schedule

Ross is a professional artist-teacher, highly respected for his painting abilities in all mediums, particularly watercolour, oil and PASTEL. With more than 200 major awards to his credit, Ross is an artist with extensive knowledge and experience in art education, he is an invited member of Twenty Melbourne Painters Society.,  Although a painter of mainly landscapes, he also paints figures/portraits.

Friday 14th Plein Air Session 1pm-4pm

Urban Landscape 

Saturday 15th Demonstration 2pm-3:30pm

Colour and Tone in the Landscape

CLOSED Sunday 16th Workshop: 9am-4pm Urbanscape with Demo 

FULL Thursday 13th Workshop 9am-4pm 

Landscape with Animals


Robyn's Schedule

Friday 14th Demo 2pm-3:30pm 

Portraiture Tips and Tricks

“When it comes to pastel painting, people are my first love.” The winner of numerous awards, particularly the 'People's Choice' Award, Master Pastellist Robyn Receveur strives to make that elusive connection between her works of art and the viewer. This has been achieved through over 30 years of keen observation, passion and practice. Robyn has taught and painted in different states of Australia, as well as in New Zealand.


Tricia's Schedule

Master Pastellist Tricia Reust has published articles on pushing the boundaries with pastel and is in demand as a teacher, particularly in mixed media where she often uses pastel on anything and with anything. Her many awards include the National Mortimore Award; her book “Landscape as Story” and her instructional videos are currently available; and Tricia recorded a TV episode on Colour in Your Life.

Friday 14th Demonstration 11am-12:30pm Pastel on Canvas

Saturday 15th Demonstration 9am-10:30am

How to Use Art Spectrum Primer

Sunday 16th Workshop: 9am-4pm 

Painting and Retrieving papers for Pastel 

Saturday 15th Demonstration 11am-12:30pm

Special New Pastel Work over old. 


Hettie's Schedule

I have been an artist all my life, and have developed my skills in a variety of
mediums, of which watercolour and pastels are the ones I spend most time working with. I recently won first prize at EKKA 2017 (Royal Queensland Show) for watercolour and first prize for pastels at Brisbane Macgregor Lions Garden City Art Extravaganza 2017. 

Thursday 13th Demonstration 2pm-3:30pm 

Realistic Fur and Hair on Animals

Friday 14th Demonstration 9am-10:30am

Portrait using Wax, ink and pastel


Betty Sutton was awarded Master Pastellist Status with the PSA in 2011. She has a love for plein air painting and has vast experience in different papers and pastels ready to share with you.  

Betty's Schedule

Thursday 13th Half Day workshop 9am-12noon Discovering the Delights of Pastel for Beginners

Thursday 13th demonstration 2pm-3:30pm 

Tips and Techniques learn to paint with pastel.


Best known for her seascapes and international Plein Air painting tours, Tricia became a Master Pastellist with the PSA in 2011.  Winning many awards including Pastellist of the Year, Tricia’s work has been published in a variety of national art magazines.  Tricia’s workshops are in demand in Australia and internationally tutoring in Fiji, New Zealand, France and the USA.

Tricia's Schedule

FULL Friday 14th plein air Session 8:30am 12noon

Caloundra Coastline

FULL Saturday 15th Workshop 9am-4pm 

Shorelines - Crashing waves onto wet sand

FULL Sunday 15th Half Day Workshop: 1pm-4pm Colour mixing and Limiting your pallet. 

Sunday 15th Demonstration: 9am-10:30am

Ocean Movement using watercolour



Sandra is the Australian Ambassador for Faber-Castell Pty Ltd. A multi-award
winning international artist, Sandra works in all mediums and specializes in mixed medium wildlife paintings. She has illustrated over 20 children’s books and has recently released her first Body Art book. 


Sandra's Schedule

Thursday 13th Demonstration 11am-12:30pm Animals

Friday 14th Demonstration 11am-12:30pm 


Sunday 16th Workshop: 9am-4pm

Animals in Pastel


My art education comes from teaching more than 600 workshops over 27 years. What I have learnt from my students has equipped me well to pass on that knowledge. I was awarded Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia in 1997 and Master Pastellist  with the Pastel Artists of New Zealand in 2015. I have taught art tours around Australia and in Alaska, England, The Greek Islands and Morocco.

Maxine's Schedule

Thursday 13th Workshop 9am-4pm

Animals a Character Study

CLOSED Friday 14th Workshop 9am-4pm

Landscapes What to Leave Out. 

Sunday 16th Demonstration 11:30am-12:30pm Still Life Using Less for Greater Effect. 

Saturday 15th Demonstration 11:30am-12:30pm

Animals. Leave room for interpretation  

Saturday 15th Demonstration 9am-10:30am

Portraits - What were they Thinking. 


Award winning Master Pastellist Margaret Turner is a traditional artist and works in pastel and oil.   Light and atmosphere are her passion and it is the pastel medium which enables her to translate this effect with subtlety.  She loves to paint Australian landscapes, floral and still life.

Margaret's Schedule

Friday 14th Demonstration 2pm-3:30pm

Floral - Beauty and Light


Mako's Schedule

CLOSED Saturday 15th Demonstration 11am-12:30pm 

Juxtaposition Fish and Floral

Award winning Master Pastellist Mako Waki started teaching many years ago and loves being surrounded by students who also are passionate for their art and a cup of tea. Mako also uses oils, watercolour, and mixed media which explains her versatile nature in her work. 


Max's Schedule

FULL Friday 13th Workshop 9am-4pm 

Landscapes some experience preferable

FULL Saturday 15th Plein Air Session 1pm- Plein Air Session 

Sunday 16th Plein air Session 8:30am-12noon

Plein air Session

Max Wilks has 40 years experience as aproffesional artist working in the studio and direct from the subject. Examples of his work are on his website.  


Master Pastellist Anne Yang has lived by a lake for the past 16 years and has had the opportunity to both paint and observe the lake’s changing moods hour by hour; day by day and season by season. The reflective qualities of water provide a constant source of delight. In 2016, Anne’s pastel painting won a highly-commended
Award at the Kenilworth Arts Fest Competition, as well as people’s choice award.

Anne's Schedule

Thursday 13th Demonstration 2pm-3:30pm

 Painting Still Water 

Saturday 15th Workshop 9am-4pm

Still Waters Run Deep

Sunday 16th Demonstration: 2pm-3:30pm Flower Portrait with Luminosity. 

Australian Artist Magazine

A professional photographer and production manager will give a lecture and Q&A session on how to photograph artwork and how to present/supply it for submission/publication which would be relevant for not only any magazine, but also for portfolios, including use of digital mediums for this. A great opportunity to find out all you wanted to know. 

Australian Artist Magazine

Saturday 15th Q&A session 9am-10:30am

How to photograph your work and more.


Award winning artist Joanne Barby is a
mother to three children, currently living
and working on the South Coast of NSW.
Her artwork has been exhibited in many
group shows, Galleries and is hung in
private collections all over the world.
Joanne is one of only four artists
worldwide to be endorsed by PanPastel
on their “Paint, Draw, Blend” website. 

Pan Pastels Artist

Friday 14th Demonstration 2pm-3:30pm

Australian Birds using Pan Pastels.

Rick Sherwin.jpg



Saturday 15th Demonstration 9am-10:30am

How to Photograph Your Work and More

Rick's background is as a professional photographer with over 40 years of experience. His talk will show you how to photograph your art works for publication in social media, reproduction in broachers and magazines as well as competitions and exhibitions - plus equipment, lighting and more. 

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